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As an individual or group coach, I specialize in helping my clients transition from full time careers into their next stage of life. Whether that’s an active, working retirement or a career shift that sets the stage for this transition, I’m here to help you prepare. If you’ve already retired, I can help you define what will give your third stage of life purpose and meaning. Together we’ll figure out how to focus your time to meet these goals, and explore what these changes mean for your identity.

Individual Coaching

My process is customized to your specific needs and desired outcomes. We will determine ways you can continue doing work that is satisfying to you, whether you’re paid or volunteering. I can also help you start consulting, begin a new business or modify an existing business.

I’ve coached clients on many topics that apply to the third stage of life including finding sources of creative expression, dealing with change and adversity and creating options for working virtually while traveling or living abroad.  I’ve also helped clients deal with health and pain management issues and ways to manage their time and finances.

With my guidance, you will develop a clear roadmap for your next steps, a portfolio of options to consider and ongoing support as you execute your plans. Together we will transform any concerns you have about retirement and aging into enthusiasm for what's still to come.

Sessions are held in person for San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma clients and virtually by Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


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"Every Night’s Friday Night is a compelling, honest and unique guide to exploring the third stage of life. Andrea Huff integrates this process in her coaching and many interesting sources and personal accounts as well as sharing her own first-hand experiences and point of view. The result is both realistic and aspirational!"

Kevin Gagen
Senior Client Partner, Leadership and Professional Development, Korn Ferry

"I’ve been a successful interior designer for 30 years and it has been an incredible fit. This decision would not have been possible without Andrea Huff's guidance. I recently returned to seek Andrea’s help again to decide the best way to spend this next stage of my life in terms of work, new business opportunities, family and a focus on making these coming years meaningful in a way that puts life first. Andrea is gifted, intuitive, compassionate with years of experience helping people find the right path for their lives. If you are looking for a coach, my recommendation is look no further. "

Arden Hawley
Owner, Arden Hawley Interior Design

Small Group Coaching

Groups of 6 - 10 people in an ongoing virtual community all addressing similar issues is also available. This is an affordable and connected way to learn from one another as well as working with me and is an option some people prefer.  Schedule a free 1/2-hour session if you would like to discuss this further or find out the next date a group begins.

For information about my process and exercises, I’ve written a book, Every Night’s Friday Night: Time and Freedom for the Rest of Your Life, as a complement to my client work or for anyone who wants to begin exploring the third stage of life on their own. My book is also included in the cost of either my individual or group coaching sessions.
Find out more about my coaching experience here, or book a free ½-hour discovery session by clicking on the button below.

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You'll get information on:

  • The 6 key things that are most important to help you plan your future
  • How to use design thinking and  prototyping to help you find your purpose and identity
  • Guidance on creating and executing a plan to create new meaning in the next stage of your life
  • Health, spirituality, personal connections and creating your legacy

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