What's New For You In 2020?

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing holiday season!  How can the decades go by so quickly since it seems like it was just 2010?  But, here we are starting a new decade which is exciting and a bit daunting when you think about how fast the last 10 years went and how life feels now vs. then.  

I like to reflect on the good things that happened in the last decade or the past year before I begin thinking about how I'd like the future to be different.  Make a quick list of the things you feel best about last year and in the last decade. Then look for themes and patterns and ask two simple things:

- What could I let go of?

- What's missing? 

One of my clients said she felt good when she read the many things she did at work and with her family and friends in the last year and decade.  But, she wants this year and decade to be different.  

What she said is missing for her is something she could do for her community or non-profit organizations to create social change. These last several years made her aware it was time to let go of the focus only on herself and her circle of contacts and to broaden the scale of contributions she can make to others.  

She's starting by volunteering at a local nonprofit that promotes low-cost housing and is getting involved politically.  She doesn't have extra time to do these things, but she's making the time by letting go of other things that used to seem important but now are less so to her in this new decade.  

Ask yourself how do you want this year and decade to look different?  Find the patterns of how you're using your time and ask the key questions, what's missing and what can I let go of?  Maybe you'll find nothing is missing and you want the next year and decade to look the same as the past.  But, I haven't heard anyone say that so far.  

One client told me she's going to have more fun this year and is taking a class and going on a trip - two things she told herself she couldn't afford, but she's letting go of her concern about never having enough money and moving forward.

If you need help figuring out what is most important to you in the long term and what you could let go of and start doing differently to make these changes in the next decade check out AndreaHuff.com and see if there are ways I can help.  

In the meantime enjoy a fresh start in the New Year!  



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