Manage Your Relationship With Money

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2019. This year I plan to do some blogs that highlight people I know who are doing interesting things in the third stage of their lives and helping others to manage some aspect of aging or retirement in an energizing way.

This month I’m featuring Karen McCall, the founder of Financial Recovery Institute, which helps people create lifestyles filled with meaning, satisfaction and abundance regarding their money.

She has written a book, Financial Recovery: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money, and launched a new blog last month called 75 & Thrive dedicated to women 60+ to help them fully maximize this time of their lives.

A client of mine referred her to me and she asked if I would do a video with her to launch her new blog since she had recently bought my book and found we had similar views on ways to make this stage of life meaningful and fulfilling.

I highly recommend her blog and book and enjoyed our interview which you can see here.

Sign up for her information, much of which is free, at 75& and take charge of your relationship with money at any stage in your life.


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