Is 2020 the year you quit your job?

I keep meeting people who know they want to move on from their current jobs but tell me they’re afraid to quit.  They say they don’t want to keep doing what they’re doing, but they’re addicted to work and don’t know what the next options in their lives could be so they stay put. Some need money or like power and identity.  But, they say work is consuming their lives and they don’t have time for their friends, families or to learn anything new.  They feel stuck.

What would you ideally be doing if you weren’t at work all day?  Some people can’t answer that question since it’s all they know and they can’t imagine not doing it. Even for people who like their current jobs, they know it's not what they want to be doing in the future.

Story about MJ

A friend of mine made a great transition from a full-time job as a speech therapist which she left since she knew she didn’t want to do this in the next stage of her life.  She considered many options and decided to go back to school for an MBA in wine management and is now working part-time for a hotel company designing wine tours, events, and tastings for people who are visiting the California wine country.  

She knew she wanted to make work a key part of her retirement, loves the interaction with people, learning new things and the flexibility this job offers so she can spend time contributing to the community and traveling, two of her favorite things. 

She took a risk and it paid off in a big way.  It meant making some changes to her lifestyle but it was worth it for the time and freedom she gained and a chance to do something she really enjoys she can continue to do for years into her retirement.  

Ask yourself like MJ did, "Is what I'm doing now setting me up for success in the next thing I want to do?"  If you’re getting closer to retirement age, this is especially important since retirement doesn’t mean not working these days. It may mean working part-time, creating a new business or reducing the hours you work in your business. Most people want an active retirement filled with things that are meaningful, fun, offer new learning and contribute to others.  If your current job isn’t laying a foundation for what you want in the next stage of life, it's time to invest in your future. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people who are facing this challenge create innovative plans and execute them.  Go to the “How to Get Started” section on my homepage and book a free half-hour discussion about your situation and the process we'd use to make changes in your life and work so what you’re doing now prepares you for the future you deserve.

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