Every Night's Friday Night- What You'll Find Inside The Book

Overview of Every Night's Friday Night: Time and Freedom for the Rest of Your Life.

I wrote Every Night's Friday Night for my clients and anyone with an interest in mapping out their third stage of life. This stage is focused on personal fulfillment and inner development and generally begins in your 50s or 60s+. I wanted to write a book that was inspiring and entertaining to read that would give readers a view of life after careers as being exciting and more fun than working for someone else. I wanted to transform the feeling that retirement and aging are things to dread into love for the best years of your life because I believe this is a joyful time of life.

I use design thinking, prototyping and paradox thinking to put a new spin on ways to discover who you’re meant to be at this time in your life. The book also covers the downsides of aging, and how to turn change and adversity into advantage.

Every Night’s Friday Night gives you the process and courage to embrace retirement and aging knowing the best is yet to come. Plus, you gain the knowledge and comfort you are not alone.

The Table of Contents will give you a sense of what is covered in the book. You can also find out more about my coaching services and buy a copy when you’re ready.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Time for Transformation

Chapter 2 - Design Thinking Creates Your Third Stage Identity

Chapter 3 - Paradox Thinking Expands Your Options

Chapter 4 - Change and Adversity Can Be an Advantage

Chapter 5 - Body, Brain, and Pain

Chapter 6 - An Inner Journey of Mindfulness and Spirituality

Chapter 7 - Connections with Others

Chapter 8 - Time Is the New Money

Chapter 9 - Creative Growth Activities

Chapter 10 - Your Legacy and Completion of Life




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