Can Travel/Relo Expand Your Life?

I hope you had a good summer.  Here I am working from our terrace in Nice, France!  After 2 years of pandemic re-scheduling, we finally made it to Nice for a month, and I admit I didn't work much - it just looks productive to have the laptop on my table!  We had a terrific time and practiced all the things I've been coaching my clients on to help them find a home base, live like a local and get to know the community to see if this is a place you'd like to spend more time.

I personally experienced that it does expand your perspective to spend time in a new location and call it home, not to just travel through like you're on vacation.  We were clear about our priorities for selecting Nice - art and architecture, good food, friendly people, easy access to an international airport and a reasonably priced place to stay with a view of the water.  We got everything we wanted and more, and are now making plans to go back next year for longer.  

Since I'm being asked regularly by my clients to help them make decisions on travel and relocation issues, I've decided to offer just this part of my coaching process as a separate area to work with clients.  Many people now have flexibility to do their work virtually whether they're in the third stage of life or not.  This brings up the question, do you want to stay where you are, or is it time to experiment with someplace new?  

I have a process and template to help you make a decision on what your travel or relocation priorities could be, and options for paying for your trip.  This part of my coaching process will be for a much shorter number of sessions with lower fees.  If this would be helpful to you, send me an email or text for more information.

If not now, when? 

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