Book Launch and Responses

I launched my new book, Every Night’s Friday Night: Time and Freedom for the Rest of Your Life, a month ago with a book launch party for some of the people who helped make the book become a reality either by being interviewed or being a beta reader. Before it was published beta readers gave me feedback about the book and suggestions for additions or changes. It was a great launch event, everyone had a good time and enjoyed getting to meet one another.

I’m including a few pictures from the party. I signed copies of the book for everyone and sold many more. We ate lots of good food, drank champagne and wine and everyone found they had many things in common.

The following week, I launched the book online to a group of people and thanks to everyone for your emails and orders. We had 10 sales in the first hour! We've had a 75% open rate on the emails and a 50% click-through rate to the website.

Here are a few responses I’ve received from people about the book:

I started reading your book last night and couldn’t put it down! It’s as if you were talking directly to me. Thanks again for your book, guidance and inspiration.
— Inja Yang, Owner/Designer, Tansu Design

I read your whole book and really enjoyed it. I liked the wide range of topics you addressed in the different chapters and the individual interviews made the concepts and aspirations more real. The short summaries of each person’s suggestions were pithy and perfect. I think a wide range of people who are planning for the next stage in their life their will benefit from your experience, wisdom and the interviews in this book. I will promote this gem!
— Darla Romano, Psychotherapist

I love your book!! Can I buy 10 more copies? I know lots of people I want to send them to!! I liked the way you divided life into the three phases and emphasized the importance of getting out and being engaged during this third stage.
— Douglas Dolton, Owner/CEO San Francisco Motorsports

It’s encouraging to hear people are enjoying the book! I just found out that Book Passage, a well known local bookstore with three locations in the Bay Area, has just agreed to carry my book! Book Passage has also asked me to do a presentation and signing of books on Saturday, June 23rd at 1:00. For those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'd like to invite you to join us.

In future blogs, I’ll discuss some of the tools I use with clients that I cover in the book to help you decide how to prepare for this third stage of life.



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