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I help people create and execute plans to transition from full-time careers to the next stage of their lives filled with meaning, contribution and fun.

How I Can Help You

Welcome to my website!  I'm Andrea Huff and I can help you transform any concerns you have about aging into excitement for the next stage of your life.  This is not a time for looking backwards or feeling diminished. I have a proven process to help you see your options, recognize potential for growth and create activities to make the remaining years of life the most joyful for you and impactful for others.  I’ve worked with hundreds of people going through this transition and am experiencing it myself. I can help you develop a plan that maximizes these years and leads to the most meaningful time of your life.

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My Book

In my book, Every Night’s Friday NightTime and Freedom for the Rest of Your Life, I give you a roadmap covering the steps to take to create a mosaic of activities combining fun, work, legacy and contribution.  Retirement doesn’t mean not working.  Many people are looking for an active way to continue to learn and grow at this stage in their lives.  You can be an inspiration to people who will benefit from your mentoring and an example of how to thrive in this stage of life, which offers both challenges and amazing opportunities.

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In my one-on-one coaching, I specialize in helping clients develop a plan that is specifically customized to their needs to help them transition from working full-time for others to redefining their identity in the third stage of their lives. Whether it’s an active, working retirement you're ready for or a career shift that prepares you to make that transition, I’m here to partner with you to develop and execute your plans.

Small Group 

This format lets you work through the same process with a community of people experiencing similar challenges, allows us to learn from one another and is more affordable than individual coaching. 

I work with people in any location globally and these sessions can be done virtually on Microsoft Teams.

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How To Get Started

Step 1

Book a free call with me on my calendar at a time that works for you. 

Step 2

We'll meet, chat about where you're at and how I can help you. 

Step 3

You decide if you'd like to work with me to put the plan in action.

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"After selling my business after 20 years, I had no idea what was next. Andrea Huff helped me look ahead with clarity and focus. She provided guidance and resources as I figured out what my options were and how to make the transition. I have referred Andrea to many of my friends and colleagues as they approach retirement. I now have a much better idea of what my future looks like because of the coaching I received from Andrea."

Peter D Jewett
Founder, Principal Engineering Geologist, former CEO, Farallon Consulting

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  • Guidance on creating and executing a plan to create new meaning in the next stage of your life
  • Health, spirituality, personal connections and creating your legacy 

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